S. Theologiae et I.V.D. Comitis Palatini - Opera Omnia

Title : S. Theologiae et I.V.D. Comitis Palatini - Opera Omnia
Author : Martini Bonacinae Mediolanensis
Date : 1643
Dimensions : 40,0 x 26,0 x 10,5 cm

The book is huge! It is the biggest volume I have written in the 17th century, containing three books bound together. You can probably notice on the first picture that the spine is made of two parts, and overlapping is the cardboard cover. The spine is made of leather taken from other book’s covers. It is kind of giving you the image of the book’s scale in comparison.

I always thought that the writings on an old book reveals a little about its history and makes you comprehend what it really means, all the hands it’s been through, all the libraries, from the editor’s place to your own shelf. Small or larger stains or burns makes you think about all the wars, revolutions, changes of governments, religious instability, because you can never really know what caused the defect. I think this is the really way you can understand the true nature of an old book.


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