The Library

New pictures from my Library.
As I told you, the look of the shelves is changing every time a new edition appears. And I believe this is the time I should show it again, because the other post is berried in the depth pf the blog.

In the first picture – La Grad Dictionnaire Universel by Larousse and on the lower shelve is Voltaire, that I have posted on this blog in the 18th Century label.
In the second picture – Gustave Dore shelve . You can see them all in the Gustave Dore label, except for the Don Quichote, that I haven’t yet shown.

These are the “expensive shelves” :) as I like to call them.
Everything in the first picture you can see on the blog – and the most important is Hieronymus (1476), and you can find it in the Incunabula lebel.
The second picture is the Zurich Bible and two other books that I’m going to post later on – 1643 the huge single book and 1679 – the two volumes.

Please leave your impressions and feel free to comment on the other posts too, give me additional data, especially on the incunabulas I have here.
Enjoy! :)


6 comentarii:

luminita rais spunea...

toata admiratia mea!

Radu Oltean spunea...

Salut din nou...
As vrea sa corespondam putin pe privat...
adresa mea e radu.olteanu(a rond)
Te rog scrie-mi...
Sunt de-a dreptul fascinat de biblioteca ta, dar si de grafica.

J. P. van de Giessen spunea...

Indeed a very interesting library and thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonim spunea...

Extraordinar!Nu-mi inchipuiam ca poate sa aiba cineva asa ceva in Romania!Felicitari din toata inima!
Sa aveti grija de ea!Daca as avea vreo carte sau ceva care s-ar putea alatura colectiei dumneavoastra, v-as darui-o din suflet!Nu am cuvinte!

Anonim spunea...

Chiar o biblioteca frumoasa!Felicitari!

Haridan spunea...

Since I found your blog, via marcofabr, I'm a constant visitor. And now, having read almost all of your posts, I'd like to encourage you to write some new entries.

Congratulations for your interesting and beautiful personal library.What a pleasure for you!!!