Piologusi Stelariu Coronebenedicte Virgis Marie

Title :Piologusi Stelariu Coronebenedicte Virgis Marie
Author : Pelbartus Ladislaus de Temesvar
Date : September 3rd 1509
Dimensions : 22,3 x 16,4 cm

The book has beautiful embossed leather over wood board. The pages are in very good condition for its 500 years of age, well tied, even though some spaces are visible in some locations. Stains and little worm holes that do not affect the reading, along with the covers’ degradation and the iron punched clams make this book’s appearance very artistic.

The sticker on the spine displays the date 1503.
The book is complete, and it’s a copy of 1509 – September 3d – the date is present.

The first cover has an incunabula page glued to the wood board. The blue and red incunabula letters are visible.

This is a postincunabula – the characters are the ones of the previous editions. The first edition was in 1498.


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