De Civitate Dei cum Commento

Title : De Civitate Dei cum Commento
Author : Sanctus Augustinus
Date : 1489
Dimensions : 32,4 x 21,7 cm

The incunabula has CCLXII + 2 (264) text leaves and wood covers with leather spine. The printer was Scoti (Nobilis viri Octaviani scoti civis modoentiesis) - published this book in Venice.
Some pages have stains and the lower corners burned. First 3 leaves are beautifully restored. Small worm holes to the last leaves, not very big and not affecting the reading.
The book is in great shape, overall, with well tied spine, and an important historical item of 520 years of age.

The date is present (octogesimonono – 89) – 1489.

The editor’s, with the title page at the end of the book.

The restoration and the burned corner:

Other owners in Romania are :

-Biblioteca Centrala Universitara Cluj-Napoca cota: inc.52 (Central Universitary Library in Cluj-Napoca)
-Biblioteca Naţională a României. Filiala Batthyaneum Alba Iulia cota: SR Inc. V 57 (National Library Romania - Batthyaneum - Alba-Iulia filial)


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