Dace and Thrace

Title : Dace and Thrace
 Cartographer : Alain Manesson Mallet
 Date : 1683
 Dimensions :  14,2 x 20,9 cm

This is a copper engraving out of the work "Description de l'univers" by Mallet. The map shows the Balcanic Peninsula in the 1st century A.D.,  Dacia, at north of Danube and Tracia, south of Danube. The engraving's dimensions are 11,3 x 15,6 cm. 

Aceasta este o gravura din cartea "Description de l'Univers" de Mallet.  Harta prezinta Peninsula Balcanica in secolul I era noastra, Dacia, situata in nordul Dunarii, Tracia, situata in sudul Dunarii. Dimensiunile gravurii sunt 11,3 x 15,6 cm. 

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