Les Oeuvres Morales et Meslees des Plutarque

Title : Les Oeuvres Morales et Meslees des Plutarque
Author : Plutarque
Date : 1559, 1584
Dimensions : 38,2 x 25,0 x 10,0 cm

These are two huge 16th century books, with 10cm thickness each, bound in leather over cardboard. The first book’s front page is missing, but the date is written after the first 3 pages dedicated to the king of France, and clearly visible.
There are notations on the margin of the text on every page, in the first volume, summing thousands of little hand-written explanations. The writings are contemporary with the book, because they do not appear in the second volume, but in the second volume are only printed notations.

The date :

The second volume is complete, with a front page engraving illustrating Plutarque.

The second volume has outstandingly beautiful vignettes, with fantastic and demonic illustrations.

These are the restorations on the first volume, done with contemporary paper, and probably in about the 17th century because of the rudimentary methods.

The motations on the margins and on the end of the book:


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