Scala Celi Vlme Impreffus

Title : Scala Celi Vlme Impreffus
Author : Johannes Gobius
Location : Ulm, Germany
Date : 1480
Dimensions : 29,0 x 20,0 cm

This is the second edition of this book, after the 1476th one. The book contains 168 leaves, the first two are parted from the spine, but present, with the writing affected. The first leaf is hand-written probably in the 15th century. The pages are well tied, with only one wood cover present and the skin that connected the covers. Small water stains over the beginning of the book and ink letters very visible over 2 leaves, beside that, an excellent copy with a very interesting time pattern! Small notations can be seen outside the text.

The book was published by Johannes Zeiner over 525 years ago and it still remains complete with an outstanding value.

Details are the ones that make this book a time's work of art:

And of course, the date and editor:


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